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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Industrial Sensor Development
at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

The nation's industries, as never before, need industrial process sensors to help them stay at the forefront of innovation in an increasingly competitive world. Sensor-based control of industrial processes can help companies:

  • Decrease production costs;
  • Reduce waste of raw materials on manufacturing lines;
  • Lower downtime of manufacturing processes caused by equipment maintenance;
  • Increase the energy efficiency of manufacturing processes;
  • Detect equipment failure early, before it becomes a major liability;
  • Improve the environment by minimizing waste products;
  • Enhance the safety of workers by providing warning of hazards.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's industrial sensor development experts have a wide range of expertise in sensor technologies that are critical to efficient industrial process monitoring and control, including:

Collage of various images (paper processing, steel foundry, nuclear power plant, biomass plant, circuitry, and oil tanks); the following are images maps 
		(physical Properties, Chemical Properties, Thermal Properites, Gas Properties, Nuclear Radiation and Nano- and Fine Particle Measurement)

These technologies are applicable to a broad range of industrial manufacturing or materials processing application:

  • Petrochemicals and refining,
  • pulp and paper, other forest products,
  • process heating,
  • natural gas and energy conversion,
  • iron and steel, metal casting, and aluminum,
  • ceramics, glass, plastic and composites;
  • general manufacturing,
  • mining and cement processing,
  • chemicals and pharmaceuticals,
  • telecommunications, computers and electronics.
Physical Properties Chemical Properties Thermal Properties Gas Sensors Nuclear Radiation Nano- and Fine Particle Measurement